You May Now Kiss the Groom…

Love it or hate it, same sex marriage is now a part of U.S. History and your customer base. It’s a hot subject that’s equally controversial but at the same time, unavoidable as a topic of discussion.     If you’re looking for just about anything to improve or add to your photo booth rental business,

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Are you Judging Me?

Ahh, the dreaded review. By a show of hands, who LOVES Yelp? You’re arm didn’t even budge did it? Yelp’s great when you’re looking for an italian restaurant that’s not too pricey but still romantic enough to bring your wife to (Chicago Joe’s downtown’s a good place to start), but not so great when you

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Photo Booth Props

One word. Props. What’s a photo booth without a ton of hilarious props? Join us in discussing what we use, where we get them and how we display them. If you’re looking for props, head over to for a short list of suppliers.


Are you ready to start hiring staff or curious what the structure of another photo booth company looks like? Join Jason and Tim as they discuss hiring, wages and structure of employees in the photo booth rental industry.


Welcome to ProBoothTalk, a podcast made for photo booth rental companies looking to listen in on some basic ideas and concepts about the industry in general. PBT odes not aim to be an educational series in any way nor do Jason or Tim claim to be experts in the field. We’re just a couple of guys

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