Read Me – Themes

You can watch a quick walk through video on Youtube Here:

The themes we’ve designed for DRB help us create complete professional events with matching templates from top to bottom with just a couple clicks.
To do this, we create new events as template events and name them after the number of the theme.
Once done, all that needs to be done to create a new event based off this theme is simply duplicating and renaming it.

The following is an explanation of each file and where you should place it with Darkroom Booth to help streamline your event creation.

XXX-2; This is your 2X6 photo strip template and you should use this from your main photo strip when creating a template event with DRB.



XXX-4; This is the 4X6 photo strip template and you should place this in the “Print Alternate” Section.



XXX-W; This is a simple border used in the “Copy Original” to make sure your theme carries over to the individual photos. This is especially nice if you use sharing software like PicPic Social and allow guests to send the individual photos to themselves.





XXX-G-X; This is a single frame GIF and we call it our slide show GIF. We load it into the Email #1 spot and if our client wants email integration, this is how it’s delivered to them.



XXX-G-(1-3); This is a 3 frame GIF used to create more of a fun experience on top of the Slide Show Gif by adding some moving elements on the photo strip.




XXX-S; This is the screen we use.If you have a specific screen you already like to use or have one of those fancy video intros, you may want to just leave this in your file. Your choice.



HXXX; This is a 4X6 template which we use for printing #Hashtags through PicPic Social.